4 Personal Development Workshops



This 8-week workshop series is for that young lady who knows what they want to accomplish in life, or they may not be quite sure. Either way she may lack the confidence to pursue her interest. This empowering series will focus on helping participants find their voice by building confidence, self-esteem & awareness, and identifying values and goals.  In addition to these core topics, The "ALL ABOUT ME" workshop teaches participants how to save, budget and the importance of maintaining good credit. We help to guide young ladies in becoming their own person with confidence. Increased esteem and self-worth is the outcome of this series.      



This empowering 10-week workshop series explores the impact the media has on body image and the different standards of beauty in today's society.  It’s unrealistic to try to shield young ladies from the onslaught of images intimating that how they look is somehow “less than” the models, actresses and other role models they see in fashion magazines. The Building a Better You program takes a different tack: by facilitating healthy body image, enhanced self-esteem and, ultimately, self-acceptance. During this 10-week "MY BODY IS IMPORTANT" series we address a variety of concerns females are faced with daily; such as body image, hygiene, skin and hair care, and healthy eating habits. This series is for young ladies who may struggle with her body image and is somewhat conflicted with how they feel others view it. Improved body-image, hygiene & fitness is the outcome of this series.



This informative 10-week workshop series addresses the overwhelming peer pressures females are faced with daily. This series is for young ladies who struggle with making positive decisions for themselves and need help with communicating effectively in situations where values are being challenged and conflict is present. This "MY CHOICE" workshop series also teaches responsible social networking behavior and addresses cyber bullying that affects them or their peers. Often young ladies find it challenging to stay true to themselves and just say "no" when it is necessary for a fear of being rejected or treated as an outcast. We help young ladies find their voice with confidence and esteem. The outcome of this series is better communication and decision-making skills and overall leadership qualities. 


Today's Savvy Tween, Teen & Young Adult Female


This popular workshop series is our most requested by savvy tweens, teens and young adult females that has an appreciation for fashion and how they present themselves. This workshop enables participants to work on presentation. Part of feeling good on the inside is how you present yourself on the outside. Part of this 10-week "FASHION MY WAY" workshop series covers the skill of presentation and WE  help to pull it all together by concluding  with a professional makeover and photo shoot that encompasses hair and age appropriate make-up (for those too young for make-up, we focus on a fresh natural look.) The final step is signing up with the agency and having us represent you for  professional or volunteer experience depending on your age readiness for future opportunities. 

Fashion Etiquette


Fashion is not about looking like a super model, but feeling good in what you are wearing. 

Discussion on latest fashion trends, along with professional tips on maintaining healthy hair and skin along with age appropriate make-up are all a part of the series. Style is a form of expression and participants learn the art of presenting themselves with confidence. During this trendy "FASHION MY WAY"  workshop series, This popular workshop is for today's savvy that wants to learn more about presenting themselves as a model type person. This person is one who has good posture, poise, diction, confidence and style. 

The "FASHION MY WAY" workshop teaches fashion etiquette and runway skills that contribute to good posture and poise. Participants develop their own style that they are comfortable with. 

Learning what looks good on you


Do you dress your body like you respect your body? Do you know what to wear for different occasions? Does it look flattering on you based on your body type? These are some of the questions we help to answer during our "FASHION MY WAY" workshop series. Often purchases are made based on what looks good on the mannequin in the store or because it's trending. We help to dispel the myth of  - "Just because everyone is wearing it - you should to" Learning what looks good on you based on your body type is key to putting your best forward and we pride ourselves in making sure that you do. It is one of the core lessons during this workshop series. We also offer continued personal style services beyond the workshop series that is inclusive of wardrobe assessment and articles of clothing to wear for future business occasions and special events. (sizes vary)