The Event Sponsors

"The Sky's the Limit" SPONSORS


Event Sponsor Booths are for businesses who endorse the event and support the cause of empowering youth. This booth enable highlighted businesses to place display booths in a prominent area during the event and we will provide featured times for these businesses to offer exhibitions of their product and services. 

Running a weekly special? Definitely promote it with this booth to get potential customers excited about your company and what it has to offer.  SPONSOR PACKET: $275.00

(We provide 1 8x10 table & 2 chairs)

Empowering Panel Discussion- SPONSOR

This empowering panel is for youth to young adults and invited guests to openly discuss relevant topics that are affecting the community. This panel opens up the discussion of "Whose fault is it anyway?" Invited guests come to share their knowledge with participants about topics that are sensitive and important to the well-being of youth today and tomorrow's leaders. The topics of discussion during this panel include: "Relationships in the 21st Century", "Mental Health Awareness in the Community", and "Speaking Up". 



Social media is the wave of the 21st century and is one of the most powerful platforms in the world to be heard and often seen. With the ability to tear down, or build up, with just one stroke of a button, - it is important that preteens, teens and young adults fully understand the ramifications of this tool called - Social Media. KEY MESSAGE: - Understanding how your personal brand and future can be impacted for better or worse when entering Cyber-Land.  


"THE FORTUNE" Workshop - Understanding the Value of Saving in the 21st Century - SPONSOR

This workshop is for youth to be educated on the importance of maintaining good credit and understanding the power of the dollar $$ and the value of saving, investment and being an entrepreneur. Participants glean from professionals who educate on how profit is better than wages when given the opportunity; and working with integrity until you reach the goal you desire. 

KEY MESSAGE: - Sowing the seeds of investing in yourself at an early age, will help reap the rewards of stability and having a brighter future as an adult.


"DON'T STOP THE HUSTLE" Workshop - Moving pass the Obstacles that We Face - SPONSOR

This workshop reinforces the age old saying - "I's not how you start, that matters, but it's all in how you finish". This workshop is for youth to young adults who may have faced some challenges along the way, but learn the power of being resilient in the challenges we face along the way. This sponsor helps youth to be better equipped to handle the future with confidence and a clearer direction for success and a brighter future. KEY MESSAGE: - "Instant Gratification is not part of success, but  working hard is". 


"CHANGING CLOTHES" Workshop - Learning the Art of Transforming your Wardrobe - SPONSOR

This workshop is for every youth to young adult who are challenged in what to wear for different occasions. Participants learn during this information session the importance of knowing how to diversify wardrobe for various settings.   

"Our image can make or break an opportunity"  This brief workshop teaches the fundamentals of personal image to "stand out" but, not as a "sore thumb." KEY MESSAGE: - Learning how to put your best forward to convey the message of self-respect to be respected.