The sky is the limit!

Entrepreneurship can begin at any age


Small business owners are trending in today’s economic growth, accounting for trillions of dollars spent annually. According to a recent study there are an estimated 23 million small business owners in the United States today. These are people who have dreams of owning their own business or were forced to start small due to a layoff, health issues or simply having passion for providing a service or product to potentially fill a void in their communities. 

These individuals are no longer always adults; many small businesses are started by preteens to young adults, who are dreamers, innovators, and have desire of independence. Their unconventional idea of starting a business can be mind boggling to someone more practical and grounded. Yet they create concepts  producing products or services that can generate millions of dollars. Some benefit just by opening their minds to the risks and rewards of independence and making an investment in themselves to start building wealth at an early age.  

We were very excited about our 1st showcase, as it was held on the campus of Saint Augustine’s University in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Building. This campus embodies a rich historical legacy that perfectly suites the theme for our first Preteen- to-Young Adult Showcase. “There is no set age to begin the journey to greatness.”- This mantra is a simple reminder to members of all age groups, regardless of demographics, views, and upbringings; there is no set age limit to pursue greatness on this journey called life. 

This is the foundation in which we have created a platform for young people to showcase their greatness, during a sensational day of empowerment, networking and presentation. On this day, young entrepreneurs have an opportunity to showcase their businesses and present their business ideas to potential financial and mentoring investors. 

For those youth who may not have a business but aspire to become entrepreneurs or simply be empowered, we have informative workshops inclusive of personal-branding techniques, how to start a business, self-esteem, and personal image, to just name a few. Youth are able to network with like-minded business owners and potential employers who will also contribute to the atmosphere of advancement as young people take their next step in their journey – even if it’s just the first of many.  

Stay tuned for more information about our 2nd Annual Youth Career & Entrepreneur Showcase!


Empowering  youth with a platform such as this - cultivates creativity that will in return fuel the desire to display talents and gifts. This showcase plants seeds of greatness and possibilities in our youth today as well as give voice and recognition to those who are doing great things in the community.