Our Map to Success

Personal Development


Our fashion-forward approach to building self-esteem in females not only acknowledges that today’s young women want to look and feel their best, but also proposes that these two things are -- for better or for worse. Our signature program "Building A Better You" addresses a variety of issues to help the daughters, nieces, sisters, and other young women in our lives by empowering them to understand how factors like peer pressure, conflict resolution, interpersonal and decision-making skills along with body image influence everything from what they wear to how they perceive themselves - 

Personal Branding


What do people say about you when you leave the room? This is your personal brand. 

Career & Lifestyle Coaching


Whether you’re seeking new career direction; or better school, work, or personal life balance, we can help. We offer guidance to students beginning or already in the workforce as well as for professionals who may need assistance identifying key strengths and accomplishments while assessing personality types and career interests. 

For youth not old enough to work and young adults who need guidance in new careers or building their visions of entrepreneurship, we assist with building a portfolio for future opportunities. Call us today to find out how.  


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